Belgian Chocolate Large Wax Melts – 4 Pack


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Sweet smelling Belgian Chocolate wax melts
Each melt is a massive 40g
It is recommended that you snap/break these melts in half to use with smaller burners.
Can be used with either flame or electric burners/warmers.
Multiple burns means you can reuse each melt until the fragrance has faded.
Vegan friendly and not tested on animals.
Sent in a lovely tissue lined gift box to make a great gift for friends or family members.
Each pack contains 4 large melts.
Actual product colour may vary from the picture, due to lighting etc.

Always use burners/warmers within sight. Never leave unattended. Keep away from children and pets. Do not use near anything that can catch fire. Always turn off burner/warmer if leaving the room.

Please see reverse of packaging for warnings and irritants.


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